1. No children are allowed without adult supervision
  2. No adults are allowed without a child. If, for example, you are joining your family after they have entered then please ensure somebody from the group can vouch for you.


  1. Whilst our staff are always alert, we cannot accept responsibility for the direct supervision of any children. This is solely the responsibility of the adult accompanying the child.
  2. Any loose items, such as badges, jewellery, etc. should be removed before play and clothes should not have any loose items included, such as cords or tassels. Any necessary items, such as spectacles, must be of a design that is suitable for boisterous play (EG. Tight-fitting, shatterproof).
  3. No sharp objects of any kind are allowed in the play centre.
  4. Age restrictions vary dependent on the play zone that visitors are using, as mixing toddlers with older children can very quickly lead to accidents. Adults must ensure their children are aware of where they can and cannot play whilst in The Square.
  5. Children can obviously wear whatever is most comfortable for them. However, we recommend long sleeves and trousers (to prevent chaffing), tucked-in clothes (to prevent snagging/damage) and the avoidance of man-made fibres (to prevent static).
  6. Please report all accidents to a member of staff immediately, not only for first aid but to allow us to log them as legally required and try to minimise the chances of re-occurrences.
  7. Adults should try to stay out of the play areas and are certainly not allowed to ‘play’, their presence within a play area must be justified. EG. – where a toddler (or other child with special needs) obviously requires constant supervision

    – where a situation may require an adult presence (eg. an accident)

    – where a child is insistent on parental reassurance

    (This rule is not only for reasons of child safety; we firmly believe children should have the freedom of adult-free play)


  1. Children will inevitably get hot, sweaty and excited whilst playing and we encourage this! So please ensure children arrive at The Square in a clean condition and with spare clothes.
  2. Children should use the toilet and wash their hands before entering the play area.
  3. Children who are unwell should not enter the play areas.
  4. Shoes must ALWAYS be removed before entering the play area and socks must be worn at all times, no bare feet please. We have socks available for purchase at reception.
  5. Children will inevitably wander all areas without shoes, so adults must check their shoes are clean before entering the building itself.


  1. Whilst we hope we never have to restrict your time at The Square, we reserve the right to impose time restrictions at peak times, for everyone’s enjoyment. However, this would not be less than 2 hours.
  2. No food or drink, other than that served on site, is allowed into The Square. We make an exception for any baby foods or specialist dietary foods that we may not have available.
  3. Strictly no food or drink of any kind in the play areas.
  4. Please respect our equipment! This is to minimise the possibility of damage, and hence injury. Please report any damage immediately to a member of staff, no matter how trivial.
  5. Likewise, please ensure that any spillages and/or food waste are wiped up as soon as possible, or report quickly to a member of staff.
  6. Fighting or bullying will not be tolerated. We understand that sometimes kids will be kids but we will judge any such event on the responsible adult’s reaction rather than the child’s behaviour. In serious or repeated cases you may be asked to leave the premises.
  7. If another child or parent’s actions are causing you concern, please tell a member of staff.
  8. If you need to change a nappy, please do so in the areas provided
  9. Strictly no smoking anywhere on site, including the external courtyard. This includes vaping.