Booking Conditions and other information


  1. Cash-Free site
    We no-longer accept cash on site. We accept all major credit cards

  2. Payment at the door
    You can turn up for any normal session and pay at the door without pre-booking but we cannot guarantee you a space unless you pre-book. You should always check the booking calendar well in advance (and always before the session start time), as it will show if a session is full or removed.

  3. Refunds
    We can refund any normal booking if more than 24 hours notice is given prior to the session start time. We regret we cannot give refunds for no-shows or cancellations with less than 24 hours notice unless you are displaying Coronavirus symptoms, have had official notification to quarantine from track & trace, or you have another reason that is deemed to be a reasonable cause for a no-show with no notification.
    We are charged a transaction fee even if a payment is subsequently refunded, so this will be deducted from all refunds that are not our fault. If you simply wish to move your booking rather than cancel you will not be charged, but 24 hours notice is still required

  4. Cancellations
    As we emerge from the pandemic, there may be times we have to cancel your booking.  For example, not enough staff available due to self-isolation, or if we have received too few bookings to justify opening. We will try to keep this to an absolute minimum and cancelling  would always be a last resort. We will always try and do this at least by the night before your booked session. You will of course receive a full refund or a free transfer of the same booking to another date/time.

  5. Booking confirmation
    We have all booking details at our entrance but please bring your booking confirmation with you in case of any problems, on screen is fine.

  6. Play sessions
    All play sessions are now two hours long. Due to many cleaning/sterilising tasks between sessions, please try to arrive and leave on time.

  7. The Booking Calendar
    If a session is showing on the calendar then it is available.
    If a session is not showing, that means it has been removed for that day.
    If a session is showing but has been struck-out, that means it’s already fully-booked.
    Please note: for the above you must view the calendar prior to the start time of the session. All sessions are struck-out once they have started, even when not full.

  8. Who needs to book?
    ALL members of your party must be booked in, including newborns and adults, as every individual is now counted for capacity controls.

  9. Covid Rules
    Whilst govt. have now removed all restrictions, the official advice to businesses and individuals is to carry on being cautious. Given the drastic rise in cases and predicted further increases, we have decided to keep almost all restrictions in place. This includes mask wearing unless sat at your own table. We have no problem with people making their own choices in their own settings but please do not book a place with us unless you are willing to respect our rules whilst in our building. If you are unsure at the time of booking, please ask us.

  10. Choosing where to sit
    Whilst we should always have enough seating to accomodate our new capacities, we kindly ask all customers to select a table of comparable size to their group, to avoid any seating issues.

  11. Track & Trace
    We will keep the NHS QR code poster up at our entrance but we will no longer be insisting on T&T. 

  12. Squared Members
    Squared members may visit without a pre-booking but this only covers the number of children on your subscription, plus one free adult per subscribed child. If you have any other guests coming, including additional adults, they must be pre-booked otherwise they may not gain entry. 

  13. Your data
    Our booking system stores any personal data you enter to make the booking (except credit card security numbers), and your email address may be added to our communication database, but this will only be used to communicate with you either about your booking or for other topics directly related with The Square. You can easily unsubscribe from this by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any email from us. Read our full privacy policy 

Some regular or popular items may have been removed due to govt guidance (such as ball pits or dressing up costumes for example) but regardless of our new Covid-safe conditions, we’re confident you and your child will still have an enjoyable visit 🙂

Details of all the measures we have put in place due to Covid can be seen HERE (opens in a new tab)
Our new pricing can be seen HERE (opens in a new tab)