We’ve temporarily suspended gift card sales as we switch to a new gift card that can also be used for online bookings. The button below is currently inactive, we won’t be long!


If this is your first purchase, please read the guidance notes below before making your purchase


Buy your gift card here



  • If you’re buying a gift card for a member of The Square, we can add the funds to their current membership card instead, to avoid them having to carry two separate cards. Just select the relevant option on the purchasing page.

  • The Gift Card is mounted on a pre-printed postcard explaining what it is, within a plain envelope. The value is not shown, as we use the same credit-card style card used for our membership scheme. If you’d like the recipient to know the value of the card, or any other personalised details such as who the gift is from, then please let us know by adding the details to the order form.

  • Gift Cards can be used for entrance fees but they can’t yet be used during the online booking process, so the card holder would need to contact us to have their booking added manually and deducted from their card value. Alternatively the payment can be made on the door at the time of visiting but just like other walk-in customers this would not guarantee a space.

  • Gift Cards can be used for any other purchase at The Square

  • Unused Gift Cards will expire two years from the purchase date.