Gift Card Information

About our gift cards

Our physical Square card (the membership card) used to be our gift card also. But since introducing online pre-booking, we needed a card that could be used on our website. So our gift card is now an e-card that can be used for any purchase from The Square.  The gift card recipient will receive an e-card containing a unique 16-digit code and this is used to redeem their balance, either online or in our cafe.  They can also check their balance at any time or add more funds on our Card Balance page

Online purchases: the card holder clicks the link on their e-card email, which takes them to our online booking page and automatically adds the unique code to their shopping cart. Alternatvely they can visit the website anytime and add their unique code manually at the checkout.

Offline purchases: the card holder may also redeem their balance against cafe purchases by inputting their unique code into our Card Balance page whilst on site, then staff will debit the relevant amount.


Help with filling out the purchase form

Please see instructions below for each section of the form:

  • Gift card amount
    There are some default amounts or you can select ‘other amount’ if you wish to add your own value.  You can purchase a card for any value between £5 – £100
  • To
    Insert the email address of the card recipient.  Insert your own email address if you prefer to receive the card and pass it on yourself
  • Recipient
    Insert the recipient’s name here, either their name or something personal such as “dad”, “dear daughter” etc. You can leave this box blank if you wish and the card will not have a ‘to’ field.
  • From
    This will default to whatever name is held in our checkout system for you? You may change it to something more personal if you wish
  • Message
    Add any message you wish, up to a limit of 500 words
  • Delivery Date
    Your card will be sent as soon as your order is complete. If you prefer to delay the card, until the day before a birthday for example, then you may select a date for sending here, up to one year in advance.
  • Number of cards required
    This defaults to ‘1’. The number placed here will send that many cards to the same recipient. So, for example, if you’re ordering a £10 gift card and select ‘2’ here, the recipient will receive 2 x unique £10 gift cards on 2 separate emails and you’ll be charged £20


See our Gift Card T&Cs