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Card delivery?
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  • ‘Value’ drop-down box
    Please select the value of the card. If you’d like a gift card to a different value than those shown, please get in touch via one of the contact methods here. We can make a gift card to any value you choose, in £1 increments, although there’s an absolute minimum of £5 , and cards under £10 are for collection only.

  • ‘Card Delivery’ drop-down box
    – ‘collect from The Square’  – means the card will be left at The Square to be collected. If it’s to be collected by the recipient of the gift then obviously you’d need to let them know it’s here waiting for them! Please let us know who will be collecting it and an estimated date in the ‘additional details’ box

    – ‘send card to me’  – means we’ll send it by normal post to you, the purchaser.  Just add your name and address in the ‘additional details’ box

    ‘send card to recipient’  – means we’ll send it by normal post to the recipient of the gift.  Just add their name and address in the ‘additional details’ box.  Please note: this will be in the form of a basic letter, explaining the card is a gift and giving your name as the sender.  We can send a tailored message on this letter, within reason, please mention this in the ‘additional details’ box after you’ve given their name and address.

    – ‘no card required, add funds to existing membership’ – means that instead of creating a new card, we’ll just add the gift as a credit to the recipients current membership account with us. Obviously, we can only do this for people who are already members of The Square!

  • ‘Name to use on card’ text box
    We have to assign a name to the gift card. This can be your name, the recipient’s name, the recipient’s child, etc. It doesn’t really matter to us, as long as we have a name for the gift card account. But whatever name you use here, please use that as your reference if contacting us. EG. With reference to Gift Card for <name>

  • Additional information’ text box
    Use this to give us the name and address of where the card needs to be sent, including postcode (if it’s not being collected). And also any other relevant  information, but characters are limited, so please ensure we have full name and address before you type anything else.