To better fit with the need of most of our customers, we switched our total food offer at The Square in 2019 from a kitchen-prepared menu to a coffee-shop style, ready-to-buy layout. This means our range changes frequently, so we can’t really list our full ‘menu’ here, but we get high quality pre-packaged sandwiches, wraps & salads from the excellent Real Wrap company based in Bristol. And you’ll find many of the other things you’d expect, such as great cakes, snacks, drinks and other items. Think of us as your favourite coffee shop but with the addition of being ultra child-friendly!


We know that kids love unhealthy stuff, and whilst there’s some things you just have to offer, we’re always striving to stock healthy alternatives. So if you have any ideas just let us know and we’ll give them a try!


You may not consume your own food & drink at The Square. Please read our policy on this