Our Square Card

GIFT card
Buy a unique gift for friends and family. You can make the gift card of any value from £5 upwards, in £1 increments. Alternatively, if you’re buying for somebody who is already a member of The Square, we can add the gift as a credit to their existing card if you wish.



 ‘TOP-UP’ card
If you already have a card, did you know you can use it as a top-up card to make purchasing quicker and easier each time you visit us? This is particularly useful if you want to gift some money to a card-holding friend, or if you have a tight budget and want to watch what you spend! Simply buy however much credit you’d like and we’ll add it to your card account. Then every time you make a purchase, just tell us to use the credit on your Square card instead.  It’ll keep a running total of how much credit you have left, so you can keep track of what you’re spending.