This scheme is completely free, it is based only on your custom and is to reward our most regular customers. It offers discounts on café purchases and entry fees and is a great way to save money…for FREE!  Basic members receive a unique code, which gives 10% discount against all of our standard prices for online pre-booking or private hire*. They also receive a membership card which can be used on site to get small discounts on many cafe purchases.

*10% discount on private hire only applies when paying the full amount at time of booking. If you choose to book with the deposit option, the discount cannot be applied and you will be charged the standard rate.


So how do you join?
All you have to do is prove you’re a regular customer, it’s that simple. For the purposes of first becoming a member we have deemed a ‘regular’ to be somebody who visits us around once per fortnight. After that, we then base it on at least one visit per month. So if you’d like to become a member, simply ask staff for a receipt for any purchase during each visit (one receipt per visit) and if you can show us 5 receipts dated within a 3 month time-frame you can claim your free membership. Don’t worry if you forget to collect a receipt, we can also do it from your online booking record.


For all other information and terms of use, please see below.

Our Square Card

Terms of use:

  1. To claim your membership, each receipt presented (or booking record), must be from a different date.
  2. The card and coupon code are for the use of the named member only. You may not share them with others for them to use separately to you (the only exception to this is the direct partner or associate of the member who is using the card for the same child).
  3. You may use the card to claim discounts for other people in your group but they must be accompanying you at the time and the member must be the one making the purchase. For example, you may not use your member’s discount to book for a friend who is attending without you.
  4. There is no min. or max. membership term, you will remain a member as long as you remain a regular customer. We check visit freuencies approx once per month and your membership will be cancelled if that frequency drops below once visit per month. We can make exceptions for this (EG. illness or maternity) but this membership is a reward for regular custom, so we have to be strict with it to maintain fairness for all regulars.
  5. If you do have your membership cancelled you can restart it again but you would need to go through the original application process.
  6. Membership does not confer any privileges over-and-above normal customers. It may give you other advantages from time to time (over and above membership discounts) but being a member does not give, for example, any special rights of entry during particularly busy times.
  7. We reserve the right to cancel a membership card and coupon at any time if we believe it is being abused.
  8. The card itself remains the property of The Square.