Covid-19 and Memberships renewal -


Please note: Due to severe capacity restrictions during the pandemic, we have temporarily suspended our membership scheme to any new members. Existing members are unaffected


Basic membership is totally free for our regular customers. It offers discounts on café purchases and entry fees and is a great way to save money…for FREE!


To get a free card all you have to do is show that you’re a regular customer, and then remain a regular to keep it! For the purposes of claiming your free membership card, we have deemed a ‘regular’ to be somebody who visits us at least once per fortnight. Therefore, simply ask staff for a receipt for any purchase during your visit (one receipt per visit) and if you can show us 5 receipts dated within a 3 month time-frame you can claim a free card. It’s that simple!

Just make sure that once you have a card, you use it every time you visit, as it will be suspended if you stop being a regular customer. The only exception is if you can’t visit because of maternity, so please let us know if you’re having a baby and we’ll make sure to keep your membership running.

Our Square Card

Terms of use:

  • Each receipt presented must be dated from a different day.
  • The card is for the use of the named member only, you may not share it with others for them to use it separately to you (the only exception to this is the direct spouse/partner of the member).
  • You may use the card to claim discounts for other people in your company but only for café purchases, not for entry fees, and the member must be the one making the purchase.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a membership card at any time if we believe it is being abused.
  • There is no min. or max. membership term, you will remain a member as long as you remain a regular customer. Your visit frequency is monitored and your membership will be cancelled if that frequency drops below a level that could reasonably be considered to be ‘regular’, but any member who does not visit for at least 6 weeks will have their membership automatically cancelled.
  • Membership does not confer any privileges over-and-above normal customers. It may give you other advantages from time to time (over and above membership discounts) but being a member does not give, for example, any special rights of entry during particularly busy times.
  • The card itself remains the property of The Square.