Covid-19 and Memberships renewal -


Please note: Due to severe capacity restrictions during the pandemic, we have temporarily suspended our membership scheme to any new members. Existing members are unaffected.


Our Membership² (“Membership Squared”) scheme offers unlimited free entry, for a set monthly fee. It also gives bigger discounts on café prices than the standard membership, so not only can you come as many times as you like for free, but you’ll save money when you’re here too.*

The fee payable depends on how many children you’d like the unlimited free entry to apply to, but dependent on how often you visit, it may also be worth buying this membership for an under-2.

The monthly price for Membership² is

For 1 Child       =          £19/month
For 2 Children =          £35/month
For 3 Children =          £49/month
For 4 children  =          £60/month

*An average customer (based on average total spend per visit) will save approx £7 per visit by joining Membership², so if you visit us more than twice per month, you’ll start saving £s!

There is no contractual term, you can end the membership whenever you like and hand back your card. Simply tell us how many children you’d like to pay for and we’ll either convert your existing standard membership card to Membership² or we’ll give you a new card.


Our Square Card


Full details and terms shown below:

  • There is no limit to the number of times you may visit.
  • The card is for the member only. The only exception is your spouse/partner accompanying your children.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a card at any time if we believe it is being abused.
  • Membership is purchased in whole months. You must set up a monthly standing order with your bank, for the 1st of each month. We only insist on a standing order because we then know, if your payment isn’t made on time, it has been deliberately stopped rather than forgotten
  • Your first payment only, when you join, will be a pro-rata payment based on the date. For example, if you joined on 15th, we’d charge you half the monthly fee; join on the 21st, quarter of the monthly fee, etc.
  • There is no min/max. term, as long as you keep the standing order in place your card will remain active.
  • Membership will run for the whole month following each payment. If your standing order is cancelled, your membership will automatically be cancelled. We cannot give refunds.
  • You may cancel your Membership2 at any time. However, anyone cancelling their Membership2 may not join the Membership2 scheme again for at least one year. This is to protect the spirit of the scheme, which is to offer savings for you across the full term of your membership. For example, you might visit us 20 times one month and twice the next month, so be tempted to cancel your membership for the quiet month? But the scheme relies on everyone using it flexibly; if members signed up for busy months and then cancelled each time they couldn’t visit, the scheme would be unworkable.
  • Having a membership2 card does not mean we cannot refuse entry. It gives no ‘rights of entry’ over and above those of normal customers (For example, if we were hosting a private event).
  • Please note, our opening hours may change at any time dependant on market needs.
  • The card itself remains the property of The Square.
  • Our bank details for your standing order:
    Account Name: Play Wells Ltd
    Account No:      75175290
    Sort Code:        60-23-06