Our Membership² (“Membership Squared”) scheme offers unlimited free entry for a set monthly fee. It also gives bigger discounts on café prices and entrance prices for guests than the standard membership, so not only can you come as many times as you like for free, but you’ll save money when you’re here too.* And the best thing, Squared members don’t need to prebook, they can turn up for any normal play session that we have running, even if it’s full!**

You’ll receive a physical membership card for use in our cafe, along with a unique 20% discount coupon code for use online when booking guests or a private party. The fee payable depends on how many children you’d like the unlimited free entry to apply to (dependent on how often you visit, it may also be worth buying this membership for an under-2)

The monthly price for Membership² is

For 1 Child       =          £19/month
For 2 Children =          £35/month
For 3 Children =          £49/month
For 4 children  =          £60/month

Unlike many other play centres, there is no contractual term or minimum purchase with us, you can end the membership whenever you like and hand back your card. The only restriction on cancellations is when you can rejoin (see terms below).


*An average customer (based on average total spend per visit) will save approx £9 per visit by joining Membership², so if you visit us more than twice per month, you’ll start saving £s!  Squared members also get 20% discount on private-hire bookings, but only after being a member for at least 3 months (sadly this discount was abused by people joining simply to get the considerable private-hire discount and then leaving again  after one month). The private-hire discount only applies when paying the full amount at time of booking. If you choose to book with the deposit option, the discount cannot be applied and you will be charged the standard rate.


So how do I join?

If you’re on site, just tell us and we’ll set you up there and then. Or contact us to tell us how many children you’d like to subscribe, along with the mobile number and email address you’d like to use with your membership. As soon as you’ve made your first payment (bank details below) we’ll send you your unique member coupon code and your membership card will be ready to collect on your next visit. If you’re upgrading from the basic membership we’ll simply update your current card. You also need to set up a standing order for the 1st of the following month, and monthly thereafter, into our account (details below). Please ensure it’s a standing order and not simply a manual BACs payment each month.


And how do I use my membership?

It’s really simple, you just turn up and present your membership card! Each subscription is allowed one free adult. So if you join with two children, two adults can also come along for free without pre-booking. A guest can ‘use’ one of the adult spaces (EG. you have one child subscribed and would like a friend to bring your child instead of you, or you have 2 children subscribed but your partner can’t make it, so you bring a friend instead), but if you wish to bring additional guests with you at the time, they MUST be pre-booked online in the normal way, using your coupon code to get the 20% discount). You may just turn up and pay at the door but if the session is already full they may not be allowed in, even if you are. We would always recommend checking our online booking calendar first anyway, so you can check a session is running and see how busy it is likely to be.


For all other information and terms of use, please see below.

Our Square Card


Terms of use

  1. There is no limit to the number of times you may visit.
  2. The card is for the member only and relates to the child. Others may use your membership (partner or grandparents, for example) but only to accompany the same child member. If using your coupon code to book other guests with your 20% discount, they MUST be accompanying you on the same session. For example, you cannot use your discount to make a booking for a friend just to save them money too.
  3. You must not pass your card or coupon code onto anyone else. We reserve the right to cancel a card at any time if we believe it is being abused.
  4. Membership is purchased in whole months. You must set up a monthly standing order with your bank, for the 1st of each month. This must be a standing order, as we have no idea if a missed payment is deliberate (EG. cancelled membership) or simply an oversight. Standing Orders are in your full control with your bank, you can cancel them at any time. Our bank details for your standing order are:

    Account Name: Play Wells Ltd
    Account No:      75175290
    Sort Code:        60-23-06
  5. Your first payment will be for a full month, for the current month, regardless of the date on which you join. So you need to work out if it is worth joining at that time or to have your membership start on the 1st of the following month.
  6. There is no min/max. term, as long as you keep the standing order in place your membership will remain active. The only exception to this is for private-hire discounts. If you wish to claim a member’s discount on private-hire bookings, you must have been a member for at least 3 months (IE. made at least 3 membership payments).
  7. Membership will run for the whole month following each payment. If your standing order is cancelled, your membership will automatically be cancelled at the end of month in which your final payment was made. We cannot give refunds for part months.
  8. You may cancel your Membership at any time. However, anyone cancelling their Membership may not join the scheme again for at least one year. This is to protect the spirit of the scheme, which is to offer savings for you across the full term of your membership. For example, you might visit us 20 times one month and twice the next month, which means you’d be tempted to cancel your membership for the quiet month? But the scheme relies on everyone using it flexibly; if members signed up only for busy months and cancelled each time they couldn’t visit, the scheme would be unworkable. Think of it like an annual membership but one which does not need to be paid upfront and which can be cancelled at any time throughout the year!
  9. **Having a membership2 card does not mean we cannot refuse entry. It gives no ‘rights of entry’ over and above those of normal customers (For example, if we were hosting a private event). There may also be rare occasions when we have reached max capacity and may have to refuse entry. As we now have much better control of capacity with pre-booked sessions this should be very rare, but it’s not impossible, for example, for all of our Squared members to turn up for the same session on the same day when it’s also already fully-booked!
  10. Please note, our opening hours may change at any time dependant on market needs. Squared members do not need to prebook, even when a session is fully booked, but you must check the booking calendar before coming to make sure the session you’re attending is actually running! The calendar also shows how many spaces are remaining for any session, should you wish to avoid busier sessions, for example. If you are planning on bringing guests with you, you MUST check capacity and book them in beforehand. Please don’t turn up to a full session expecting to be able to pay on the door for other guests.
  11. The card itself remains the property of The Square.