You can’t miss our café, situated in the middle of the main room in a perfect position for parents to view the play areas. Think of it as a proper café in its own right, which just happens to have some fantastic areas around it to keep your kids active! Far too often at soft play, the café is an afterthought but we believe it’s quite possible to wow the kids without neglecting the adults…everyone should enjoy their soft play visit!

We have everything you’d expect of a café or coffee shop, with most of our food prepared to order on site. Whilst it’s very hard to cater to all needs, we do try to have a mix of traditional children’s meals and healthy options, and as we make our meals, pizzas and sandwiches fresh, we can usually add or remove whatever you like.

We don’t have menus as such, our full café menu is written by hand on the large blackboard above the bar. We have therefore included below some photographs of the different sections, to give you an idea of our range and prices (please note, some individual items are updated regularly, so these pictures may not be 100% accurate at the time of your visit, but they will never be too far out of date).


Drinks & Snacks

Sandwiches & Pizzas

Main Meals, Sides & Breakfasts


Please see our policy on bringing your own food and drink