Due to the need for some major structural work to the floor, our courtyard was permanently closed in late July ’22 and we donated the bouncy castle to a local charity. We are considering remodelling this space into something that can be used all-year-round


Unlike many indoor play centres of our size, we have a fantastic outdoor courtyard! And what’s even better it’s fully enclosed, being right in the centre of our building, which means it’s totally safe to let your little ones run around freely. Accessed from the main room, our courtyard gets sunshine almost all day long, has a padded safety floor and patio seating. We also have a large chalk board right across the back wall for children to express their artistic imaginations and a disco bouncy castle in one corner to add that extra little bit of excitement.

Obviously, we cannot use the courtyard during the winter months, so it is only open from approx. May – Sept. Even during sunny days we can only open the courtyard when the floor is dry due to most of our customers being in socks, so it really is down to the great British weather.

Please note: although the courtyard is outdoors, it is still part of the play centre, therefore smoking (or vaping) is strictly prohibited.