Entrance & Frontage


We totally refurbished the frontage from summer 2018, completing it at the start of 2019, finally turning the building into something resembling a fun place to be!

Regarding what you need to do when arriving at The Square, we have an entrance foyer where we greet all customers to confirm your booking (or take payment for entry if you haven’t pre-booked).  The entrance room is connected to the play centre via magnetic-lock doors controlled from the café, so entry into the play centre is impossible without the doors being released from inside.

If you arrive late (or early) for one of our pre-booked slots, just ring the doorbell on the internal double-doors and one of our staff will come to the entrance as soon as they’re free. You only need to ring the doorbell once, it can’t be easily heard from the entrance but it’s quite loud in the café. Staff can also see you on CCTV. Please bear in mind, we’re probably serving so you may have to wait a little while, but this is rarely more than a couple of minutes.  During busiest times, if staff know they may not get to the door for a few minutes, they may release the doors for you. If this is the case, you’ll hear the door magnets click; just pull open the doors and make your way to the main café counter.

We also use part of the entrance room for storing prams, so please be considerate to all play centre users and be ready to leave your pram at the entrance. We’re not being awkward, and we try to flexible (EG. for sleeping babies, or babies too young to leave their prams or children with mobility problems, etc) but prams not only take up a lot of space in the play area, then can also bring a lot of dirt/damp into a room where most people are wearing only socks. Both space and hygiene are even more important than ever since the pandemic!