Padded Cabin


This area is situated along the corridor, just past the Assault Course area. It’s basically a purpose-built inflatable, designed to fit exactly into the small room, so it feels like a padded room. It’s a great little space for children to ‘hide’, but parents can easily see them by popping their head through the doorway, as there’s a viewing panel in the internal wall. It’s a small space (with regard to floor area: it has adult head-height), which will only fit 4 or 5 children at once but because it’s completely padded and enclosed it’s perfectly safe. The doorway looks tight but because it’s a soft inflatable it’s actually quite easy to get in and out, even for larger adults trying to get their children at leaving time 🙂


This area is suitable for any age but during busier times parents should be vigilant with toddlers.