Baby Room


Please note: due to the need for social distancing while Covid-19 measures are in place, you may not use this room unless you have added a baby or toddler (1 year old) as one of the guests on your booking.


This area opened 8th May 2018.  A big concern of most new parents at indoor play centres is the unpredictability of toddlers and older children around babies, so this space is an ideal retreat, separated from the main play area with a child-proof gate but still easily accessible from the main room.

It is approx 40m² of safe space for only the youngest customers. It has a specialist sensory area containing lots of different features to interest inquisitive young minds, along with additional seating space dedicated to parents and babies, with maternity pillows.  We believe we are the only indoor play centre in the area with a proper dedicated space for babies, so come and give it a try!


To maintain this room as a safe-haven for babies to explore, we ask all customers to observe the following…


Max age of 18 months
This is only a guide age, as babies obviously develop at very different rates, but the general rule is this: only babies or recently-walking toddlers are allowed (IE. toddlers still unsure on their feet). No child is allowed into the room that could be considered a hazard or general nuisance around babies. The one exception is disabled children with limited mobility who may be considered suitable for the room. If you have any doubt then please ask us beforehand.


There are strictly no prams allowed in the baby room. It is a long, narrow room and we simply don’t have space to accommodate them, both for comfort and for fire regulations. Baby carriers are allowed but we would ask all parents to bring just baby whenever possible.  If baby needs a pram for sleeping we ask that parents leave the room and use the main play centre. If baby is asleep then they cannot really benefit from the room anyway!


Parents with children of mixed ages
Obviously, we are going to have customers who’d like to use the room but who also have older children. Unfortunately, we can’t cater for every individual circumstance and it’s impossible to have a proper baby room that caters for older children too. All we can suggest, if you have older children, is to base yourself in the main room and visit the baby room briefly while your older child plays, or try to arrange visits with other parents, to share the responsibilities.


During our busiest times
This paragraph is currently obsolete until social distancing measures are over

Please be aware this is a very popular space, so during the busiest times we ask all customers to respect others who may be waiting to use the room. For example, if there is more than one adult in your group they may be able to sit in the main room enjoying a coffee for a while to allow more space in the baby room? We have never had to operate a time limit anywhere in our play centre but we may have to limit your time to 2 hours in the baby room during our busiest periods.


Please respect this space as a relaxed, baby-safe area