With a private party, you get the whole play centre to yourselves. And the best part: it’s a single charge of only £195.00 regardless of how many are attending*

Members get a £10 discount (£185 total)
Members² get a £25 discount (£170 total)

The price includes private use of our whole facility (closed to the general public), including the party room. On a self-catered basis.

*Whilst there is no minimim for private parties (it’s a single fee regardless of your party’s size), we recommend a minimum of 20 children because  having fewer than this may lack atmosphere when you have the whole building to yourself! We also base our private hire fee loosely on expected cafe sales, so if you are expecting fewer than 20, please talk to us 🙂 Obviously, we also have a maximum! We doubt anyone would reach that but our max capacity is roughly 100 children if all areas are open. Our party room can realistically take 36 children, if all are to be seated at a table.


Private party time slots:     

Private parties are available on any day after-hours, with the typical time being half an hour after closing time, for two hours, on any day. So, for example:

Weekdays: 6-8pm
Saturdays: 5.30-7.30pm
Sundays: 4.30-6.30pm

Latest finishing time is 9pm. You may also start earlier but please be aware that other customers may still be leaving and staff may still be cleaning up.



Please read ALL TERMS before booking:

  • Although you have a two-hour slot booked, the party room itself may not be available from the start of your allotted time. We try our best to keep everybody on time but during particularly busy (or messy!) parties, we need a little time to clean up from the previous group. However, this would rarely affect your party, as most groups use the room only near the end of their time slot.
  • Party food may only be consumed in the party room, not in the main play area.
  • Your self-catered hire only applies to the party food consumed in the party room. We rely on café sales to remain viable so please purchase all drinks and snacks from us during play.
  • Any electrical items or props you are planning to bring should be checked with us first. For example, a sound system or piñatas.
  • Any items deemed to be dangerous for a children’s party setting are strictly not allowed. For example, but not limited to:
    – your own kettle/water boiler
    – soup heaters
    – electrical items or toys/props not in perfect working order
    – open flames (with the exception of candles fixed to a birthday cake)
  • Your party booking is not secured until you have paid a min. £30 deposit, even if we allocated you a date/time in the diary when booking. We’ll endeavour to notify you of any changes to bookings but a £30 deposit is the only way to secure your booking.
  • Deposits can be paid in person with cash, by card (in person or over the phone) or via BACs.  Details for BACs payments are:
    Account Name: Play Wells Ltd
    Account number: 75175290
    Sort Code: 60-23-06
    Please put date/time of party as your reference. For example, for a party on 1st Feb 2017 at 10-12, the ref. should be: 01-02-17 10-12
  • Deposits are refundable for cancellations but only within two weeks of the party date, except in exceptional circumstances.
  • The total amount for your booking is settled on the day of the party. Any deposits paid will be deducted from that total. Any breakages/damage caused during your party may cause you to lose your deposit.
  • We can accept minor changes to any agreed conditions on the day of your party but please be aware that you may be charged for any changes that are deemed unreasonable (for example, if you told us 25 were coming but then had only 8 guests).
  • As the play centre is being kept open solely for your party, please be aware that any unreasonable extension to the agreed times may incur an additional charge.
  • If your party involves other parents dropping their children off, you MUST ensure there is adequate adult supervision in the play centre for all party guests at all times. As a sensible guide, this would be a maximum of 1 adult per 6 children. IE. You can only count adults available in the play areas and not, for example, those adults setting up the party room while the children play