We now operate with pre-booked, two-hour sessions each day due to limited capacities.
It’s important you read the conditions below before clicking the bookings link


Bookings can be made here




  1. We may allow walk-ins (IE. non-booked customers) but customers should assume it is pre-bookings only, to guarantee a space.

  2. Please bring your booking confirmation with you, on screen is fine.

  3. We are now closed on Sundays. This may be reviewed once we have settled into new ways of working

  4. Our play sessions are now two hours each: Monday – Saturday, at  9.30-11.30, 12.30-14.30 & 15.30-17.30
    Please try to adhere to these times; due to the amount of cleaning/sterilising we need to do between sessions, we may not be able to let you in before the session start time and we need all customers off site by the session end time.

  5. All members of your party must be booked in, even newborns, as every individual is counted in our total capacity figure.

  6. We charge a different price for adults, dependant on whether you’re the first adult or an additional adult. This is not arbitrary, we have never charged for adults but we must do this because our total capacity is now severly limited. As additional adults potentially take up the space of a paying child they are, in effect, reducing our already-reduced income. Unlike most other play centres, we still allow the first adult of any group at a smaller price (and it’s still free for members), as we realise children cannot come without an adult! 

  7. All customers must adhere to general govt. guidance around Covid whilst on site.

  8. You cannot form groups of more than 6 people in total (including all children/babies in the group) for any reason. And you must still socially-distance from every other customer, even within that group of 6, unless you are all from the same household or legally-defined social bubble.

  9. We have always asked customers not to eat or drink away from their table but recent Covid legislation has now made this a legal requirement. So please do not consume anything away from your table. You may carry food or drink back to your table but you are not allowed to consume it until you are sat down.

  10.  All customers above 11 years of age must wear a mask at all times unless seated at their own table. Please notify staff upon entry if you are exempt from this condition. Customers who are exempt and do not wear a mask should be even more aware of social distancing rules and the importance of other guidance, such as coughing into your elbow, due to the increased risks of transferring the virus onto others when not wearing a mask.

  11. We should always have more tables than required for group numbers, and certainly more chairs. But given the unpredictability of group sizes, we kindly ask all customers to select a table of comparable size to their group, to avoid any seating issues.

  12. You must not move any tables or chairs, as they have been spaced in accordance with distancing guidelines. On the rare occasions your group may not get a table with enough seats, we have a number of soft seating cubes dotted around the seating areas, which may be moved to accomodate additional group members. But please ensure they are placed to accomodate social distancing rules.

  13. We operate a 100% track & trace system at The Square. The details you enter for your booking may also be used for track & trace purposes by the authorities. Any walk-in customers must leave basic contact details with us before they are allowed entry.

  14. Squared members may visit without a pre-booking but this only covers the number of children on your subscription, plus one free adult per subscribed child. If you have any other guests coming, including additional adults, they should be pre-booked otherwise they may not gain entry.
  15. Some regular or popular items may have been removed due to govt guidance (such as ball pits or dressing up costumes for example) but regardless of our new Covid-safe conditions, we’re confident you and your child will still have an enjoyable visit 🙂


Details of all the measures we have put in place due to Covid can be seen HERE (opens in a new tab)
Our new pricing can be seen HERE (opens in a new tab)


Please note this guidance is subject to change at any time, as conditions evolve