These are FREE sessions for any children starting at a local school for the first time this September, so they have a chance to meet any new school friends and help reduce some of those first day nerves. We’ve split the sessions into three separate days, based on the potential number of children for each school, so each session is not too busy or too quiet. Please see the chart for the relevant dates for your child’s school.
Please also read the notes below the chart before planning your visit.




  • This is totally independent of the schools, we’re doing this as many of the 2019 intake will be our customers anyway, and we’d like to help them with their first day 🙂

  • Please share with any other parents, or your child’s nursery, to make sure we haven’t missed anyone and every new intake child is included.

  • It’s inevitable that some people will not be able to make it due to holidays but we’ve deliberately picked the last week in the school holidays so it’s as close as possible to their starting day. We regret that we can’t change the session dates unless we later discover that a majority of the school’s intake cannot make it! If that is the case we’ll do our best to reschedule.

  • When we done this last year, we had quiet a few requests about including other schools in the area, such as Shepton or Glastonbury. Unfortunately, we have had to limit our sessions to schools within the typical Wells catchment, otherwise it would be impossible to decide where to draw the line.

  • Please do not turn up to these sessions unless your child is actually starting school for the first time THIS September at the relevant school listed. And make sure you pick the right session!

  • Whilst we understand that parents may have to bring siblings due to child-care issues, and they’re very welcome, we kindly ask that you try to keep this to a minimum, as the whole point of the sessions is for children to meet potential new school friends.

  • For the mixed sessions we’re not going to try and be formal on the night and segregate the school groups, as it just wouldn’t work, given the relatively small size of Wells many parents from different schools will know each other anyway. So we will leave it up to parents to make sure their children are introduced to other children from the same school. But please try and make the most of it, as it really will make a difference to your child’s first day experience if they know some other children 🙂

  • These sessions are totally free. Our cafe will be open for the purchase of drinks & snacks but there will be no entrance charge. Members of The Square may still use their cards for cafe discounts as normal. All other play centre rules still apply, which can be seen here.

  • Please note that we don’t close to the public until 5.30pm, and although it’s almost always quiet at that time, there may still be other customers in the play centre for the first half-hour of these sessions.

  • And finally, this doesn’t just have to be for the kids, the parents may meet new friends too  🙂