We have reintroduced a monthly SEN session, which is a play session dedicated to SEN families only, 5-7pm.  The first three are a trial to determine demand. These will start in Oct 2022, with another in Nov and Dec. From 2023 we hope to make this a permanent monthly feature again, probably on the 2nd Wednesday of every month.

These monthly sessions will be hosted by the Children’s Autism Outreach Team (CAOT) of Somerset council. The CAOT Team support families throughout Somerset who have an autistic young person/child and The Square will be a place they can continue their work with families. It is important that you are known to the CAOT service, and your young person / child has a diagnosis of autism before booking with us. They can be contacted via BAMills@somerset.gov.uk or you can call Barbara on 07584175261 for more information.


The CAOT team is very busy so, regrettably, only families residing in Somerset can register and attend these sessions


Once registered, you can then book any of the sessions showing on the SEN booking calendar.  SEN families pay a vastly reduced rate from our standard play sessions. You only pay for the children at these sessions (babies under 18 months and adults are free) and the children’s price is only £5.  All guests (once approved by CAOT) should be pre-booked prior to the session, including babies and adults, so we can track the total number of visitors.